Iftar Bar - Product Information

KitKat® is all about the break. Long breaks, short breaks, all kinds of breaks. Last Ramadan, we started celebrating a break that KitKat® hadn't celebrated in the past with Canadians: Iftar - breaking your fast at sundown.

We launched the  KitKat® Iftar Bar - 30 pieces for 30 days of Ramadan - 30 pieces of the signature KitKat® crispy wafer, enrobed in a smooth and delicious milk chocolate coating, made from NESTLÉ® COCOA PLAN sustainably-sourced cocoa.

On popular demand, we are bringing the KitKat Iftar bar back. We made it exclusively available here to make it easy for you to buy for friends and family. Embodying the spirit of service during this special time, all proceeds will be donated to Food Banks Canada.

Available for a limited time while quantities last.